10 Dream Directors Who Would Nail The Next Bond Film

9. James Mangold


Mangold managed to take Wolverine, a character whose solo prequel, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, became a prime example of a bad comic book movie, and finally gave fans a deserving solo movie for everyone's favourite mutant.

With Logan, Mangold perfectly balanced the comic book action expected from Hugh Jackman's adamantium claws with Oscar calibre emotion and performances. The grittiness, brutality, and humanity on display in this fantastic feature would do wonders for Britain's most valued spy. Bond needs to find its foothold in today's market, as Mission: Impossible pulls ahead as the must-see spy franchise, and a Logan level of quality would do just that.

To see Bond in a darker, more adult light would set it apart from any competitors, and could perhaps generate the same Oscar buzz that Logan did, and nobody could replicate that success like the man who did it once before.

It would be a fantastic opportunity to maintain his great from, and a brilliant exploration of the negative effects of espionage on James Bond's psyche and the weight of protecting his country.

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