10 Dumbest Decisions Ever Made In Horror Movies

Stupidity in horror is contagious...

Dimension Films

Characters in horror movies are often little more than cattle for the slaughter, but that doesn't excuse some of the hair-brained decisions they've made over the years.

From tripping over everything in sight while running away, to investigating creepy sounds in dark places, these errors of judgement are even less acceptable in a post-Scream world, and yet they keep on happening.

Although Wes Craven's 1996 slasher classic and its sequels provided Hollywood with a foolproof set of rules for surviving horror films, those who successfully follow them and live to see the end credits are a rare and lucky breed.

Occasionally, terrible decision making can be overlooked. When a masked killer is hot on your heels or a ghost has materialised out of nowhere, the stress and adrenaline hit alone are probably enough to addle your mind, but characters getting exactly what they deserve seems to be a long-running theme in the genre.

Stupidity of epic proportions is a prerequisite for most scary films, necessary to further the story, but sometimes, horror characters end up looking like natural selection in action. And the further away they are from the gene pool, the better, by the look of it.

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