10 Dumbest Movie Reboots Ever

So bad that you're losing brain cells because of them.


Somewhere along the way in Hollywood, a producer who was clearly tired of having to look for new content to put out stumbled upon an idea that he must have thought was absolutely ingenious at the time. Reboots.

Though the term has really only garnered wide-scale popularity and use over the course of the last decade or so, let's be honest here, it is just a fancier word for remake. Audiences grew tired and weary of remakes during the 2000's, so what did those sharp-witted producers do?

They started calling them reboots and the vast majority of audiences were none-the-wiser. It allowed studios to simply recycle the same characters and ideas and claim that they were putting an all-new spin on the original material.

Got a long-dormant IP just wasting away on a shelf? Make a reboot. Did your franchise's last couple of films really suck and now audiences don't want to see those films anymore? Make a reboot. Do you want to stop having to pay the increasingly-large paychecks of your franchise's established cast? Make a reboot.

While there have certainly been some great reboots made (Star Tek and Rise of the Planet of the Apes for instance), the vast majority of them are just idiotic. It's the result of a studio lazily rehashing the same old idea and hoping that audiences will continue to lap it up. These are the worst offenders.


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