10 Early Predictions For 2018's Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Star Wars goes for gold.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Oscar
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With the summer of movies winding down and Oscar season getting ready to kick off with the upcoming Venice and Toronto film festivals, there's no better time to start predicting which ten movies just might land a coveted Best Picture nomination.

Of course, there are still many months to go until the nominations will be announced and there's still so much to play for with so many huge films sight-unseen, but even so, the race has begun to take shape with a number of persistent Sundance hits and blockbuster hopefuls planting their flags early.

Ranked from least likely to most likely to be nominated, this is the diverse platter of films that seem most-primed to earn Academy love, though the notoriously fickle nature of voters and the PR-driven essence of the awards circus means that, of course, nothing is ever certain.

Could the Best Picture line-up look completely different in reality? Sure, but if at least five of these movies don't make the cut, something has gone bafflingly wrong across the board...


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