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A death in cinema is pretty much the most dramatic thing that can happen on our screens; whether it’s the result of a long, emotional narrative, an act of vengeance and retribution or the mere closing of a protagonist’s character arc, the majority of films you see across any genre will refer to kicking the old bucket, even the Walt Disney film the Lion King does, and Bambi, too.

It is an unavoidable aspect of cinema and can stir up several emotions, whether it’s the deserved killing of a bad guy in Die Hard that puts a macabre smile on your face, or the death of a lover in a drama, ala Gerard Butler in P.S I Love You that makes you reach for the tissues.

Other times, deaths can be comedic, and can even make you laugh, particularly if they are completely unavoidable or relatively pointless. Certain films go out of their way to make light of death and portray the funny side via dark humour, such as the Final Destination and Scary Movie franchises.

Here, we take a look at the more humorous side of death in films, and examine how certain deaths in film could easily have been avoided, if only the following advice had been heeded to…

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This article was first posted on February 7, 2013