10 Erotic Movie Scenes

Ah, the sex scene, one of the staples of cinema ever since the invention of the medium. One of the…

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Ah, the sex scene, one of the staples of cinema ever since the invention of the medium. One of the first films ever made – Thomas Edison’s “The Kiss” – was essentially a porno at the time of its release, and sexual content became so rampant in films in the 1910’s and 20’s that the Production Code had to be established in order to keep things in check.

However, such limitations never stopped directors from getting their message across, and there’s nothing quite as alluring and appealing as sex. And so filmmakers had to get creative with sexual content, and imply sex scenes using innuendo, associative imagery, and just plain eroticism – without showing the carnal act itself.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 erotic, sexless sex scenes of all time.

Honorable Mention: Stoker




Stoker, the new film from director Park Chan-Wook, just recently opened in theaters, but it is already making way for a very sexy – but disturbing – scene between Charlie, the mysterious figure who moves into the Stoker family household after the death of Richard, the husband, and India, Charlie’s niece, who begins to suspect his motives as soon as he moves into the household.

India soon becomes infatuated with Uncle Charlie, and is seduced by his mysterious allure and irresistible charm. Charlie is certainly not subtle about his advances either, and in one scene in the film engages in one of the sexiest piano playing scenes ever filmed, joining India for a Philip Glass duet that gets gradually more and more intense, complete with heavy breathing, moaning, touching skin, and the works. By the end of the piece, India is panting as if she ran a marathon – or just finished a romp in the sack with the seductive Uncle Charlie.

Sexiest Moment: When Charlie suddenly reaches over to the high notes, wrapping his arm around India and embracing her from behind, breathing ever so gently on her neck… did we mention that he is her uncle?