10 Essential Avengers Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

What are you waiting for, Marvel? Give us the goods! Or bads, in this case...


Even with all the complaints about how bland Marvel movie villains have been in the past, the MCU's big bads are on the comeback trail, with nothing but praise for more recent villains like The Vulture, Hela, and Erik Killmonger in early reviews of Black Panther.

That's definitely progress, but with some of Marvel's biggest villains already used - not to mention the ones unavailable thanks to rights issues - you'd think it would be difficult to keep the standards up so high. What Marvel Studios need is another big hitter from the comics.

The good news is that Disney's adoptive superhero brainchild wants to keep its momentum going, there's a plethora of great and interesting villains from the comics to choose from, many of them with backstories and events to go with them, trials the MCU's flagship team could face that would knock the socks off audiences for years to come.

Fans of the comics are still hoping to see these villains grace the silver screen, and with no end in sight for the MCU's success and cinematic superiority, their time shouldn't be long in coming.

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