10 Essential Marvel Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

You know you want them.

MODOK Captain America.jpg

Marvel have an embarrassment of riches as far as supervillains go, and while not every big Marvel movie has served up an iconic cinematic rendition (for every Loki, there's a couple of Malekiths), there are certainly some interesting, crowd-pleasing avenues for their future films to take.

A lot of this comes down to business politics and which movie studio owns the rights to which character, but whether they could appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men or even the Fantastic Four, there's a plethora of indelible baddies who have yet to get their due on the big screen.

The cinematic potential is there, and though there's a laundry list of things that could go wrong. it's hard to deny that these iconic mainstays would sure entice both comic book fanboys and casual viewers alike.

10. Mysterio

Mysterio Comic.jpg

Why He's Awesome: Mysterio has no superhuman abilities, but instead uses his special effects wizardry to create powerful weapons, illusions and tools of manipulation. He is also extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat from his time as a stuntman, and his suit includes an iconic glass helmet, the ability to project 3D images to confuse Spider-Man, as well as various smokes that can lessen the Spidey sense, destroy webbing, and make the recipient hallucinate.

How Likely Is He?: Mysterio is a fairly goofy villain even for the standards of Spider-Man (but we love him for it), so would probably need the special effects guru backstory pared down quite a bit. It's been rumoured a ton in the past and is certainly possible, but not massively likely all the same. 3/10


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