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There’s nothing quite like watching movies about business. The confidence with which the main characters carry themselves as well as their use of business-savvy buzzwords seem completely unshakable as the characters glide toward their respective desks in the opening credits, yet somehow everything in their lives inevitably derails in larger-than-life ways.

But more than being entertaining, we all know that the real value in these movies inherently lies in their interpretation by the decision-makers of future generations, to be heeded as pointers for success in real life. Reading between the lines, every single business-themed movie presents invaluable recommendations to help any business-minded individual get ahead.

Think of this list as a handy Machiavellian movie guide using just a few of those movies….


10. Never Trust Your Colleagues (Working Girl)

10 Trusting Co Workers

From pretending to be an executive to getting your meanie-face boss fired, anything is possible with some pluck, a bachelor’s degree, and a friend providing comic relief. Tess McGill in Working Girl certainly had a lot going for her. But she could have made things even easier for herself and saved a lot of time had she found another way to get her amazing game-changing innovative business ideas out there.

The situation Tess worked through the hard way is an imperative lesson to us all. Never, ever tell your amazing game-changing innovative business ideas to anyone you work with, because those “more experienced” types will probably just use them as their own. Sure, Tess found a way through it, but not all of us can be as lucky as Tess, even if the movie does admittedly show us that we will all be CEOs almost right away anyway.

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This article was first posted on November 30, 2013