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Film is an incredibly vast medium, full of amazing feats of human ingenuity and some not so amazing, that has infiltrated pop culture like no other artform in the 21st century. Going to the movies is so commonplace and the world is open to so many new ways to watch film that have never been possible until now. If you haven’t seen a specific movie then you have a myriad of opportunities available to you to correct this.

This brings me to my main topic. There are some movies that film buffs and cinephiles consider some of the greatest art ever made but barely anyone who is a casual movie goer can’t claim to have seen. For the sake of convenience I have made this list to showcase 10 films that I think everyone should see at some point in their lifetime just to be a more well rounded pop culture  consumer.


10. Nosferatu

7 - CORRECT SIZE - Nosferatu

Nosferatu is the most important horror movie ever made and also one of the greatest German films of all time. The director, F.W. Murnau, brought the story of Dracula to life for the first time outside of literature with Nosferatu and created the definitive vampire movie in the process. He used the developing style of German Expressionism to create many horror movie tropes that are commonplace now and to bring to life cinema’s most enduring villain in his greatest incarnation yet.

Even if you’re not a fan of horror you should still see Nosferatu if only to have a better appreciation for a genre that most people take for granted.

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This article was first posted on March 29, 2013