10 Films That Wanted To Be Alien

"They fell from space and they were hungry!"


It’s difficult to say which 70s blockbuster inspired the worst imitations, but Alien must be right up there. The Exorcist gave us House Of Exorcism, Jaws begat Tentacles and Star Wars spawned Starcrash, but Ridley Scott’s film was responsible for some of the trashiest movies that ever met a projector bulb.

The trouble with sci-fi is that in order for a movie to succeed it requires good actors and decent special effects, something that never troubled the hucksters who rushed to cash in on the movie’s success. Just cast a screaming starlet who looks good in or out of her space suit, add a rubber monster whose zipper is hidden by shadows and –presto! – you’ve got a releasable movie.

Even when budgetary constraints mean that the action has to be relocated to Earth, there’s still fun to be had from watching inept filmmakers cater to the lowest common denominator. You know a movie has achieved legendary status when it inspires thousands of films whose sole element of interest is watching the monster tear apart the supporting cast. Eat your heart out, William Friedkin.

What follows are ten of the most enjoyably absurd Alien rip-offs, each of which is guaranteed to whet your appetite for Alien: Covenant.

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