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Each year, film provides us with projects that are artistically beautiful, wonderfully created and emotionally evocative, reaffirming our love with the cinema. However, to create such extraordinary pieces of art there must also be projects that are inspired by the ego of its creator. The vanity project, a term derived from the overly deluded perceptions of a celebrity’s status in society, a status that would cross any boundary and become successful in Hollywood.

After a celebrity reaches the upper echelons of their respective industry, a growing sense of self importance and pretentiousness starts to creep in, with the common thought that they are untouchable, that every idea and thought is a symbol of their genius. This ultimately leads to some celebrities, most notably those in the music industry, to branch out into film, hoping to acquire a new audience and showcase a new dimension of their talent.

Fame is clearly a fickle fiend and one that despite containing many perks does include its troublesome traits. When one reaches a stage of popularity, it becomes difficult for people to say no to them, following through with every thought that each star thinks of. While this list contains various figures from the worlds of film and music, each share a common theme of delusion and superciliousness.

So, here are 10 Films That Were Clearly Vanity Projects.

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This article was first posted on August 23, 2013