10 Films You Didn't Know Were Banned For Stupid Reasons

9. Nazi's Ban Laurel & Hardy Over Portraying Gypsies In Favourable Light

laurel and hardy Surely the greatest comedy duo of all time couldn€™t have done anything offensive in their movies? As it turns out, they did. Their 1936 film, The Bohemian Girl offended the group of people who can claim they never did anything that could be considered morally objectionable€.the Nazi€™s. €˜The Bohemian Girl€™ is a rather sweet film where Laurel & Hardy play a couple of gypsies that inadvertently end up looking after a kidnapped baby. It wasn€™t the kidnapping that upset the Nazi€™s but rather that the film portrays gypsies in a favourable light. That was enough for the Nazi€™s to accuse it of going against their policy of demonising minority groups and banned the film in Germany during the Third Reich. That wasn€™t the only film of theirs to be banned. The 1932 short €˜Scram,€™ where they end up taking a drunk home (to the wrong house) and accidentally get the lady of the house drunk was censored because a scene where they are in bed with the lady was deemed too offensive for the Netherlands because she was in bed with two men she didn€™t know. Considering the kind of stuff you can see freely now in the Netherlands, it shows how far we have moved down on the morality chart.

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