10 Foreign Language Horrors That You Must See

From vampires to zombies to ghosts and the most sadistic of slashers…

Chelsey Burdon


If there is one thing that can unite horror fans and set them apart from other film lovers its their tendency to seek out new thrills, for striving to find the latest boundary-pusher or the most extreme story. It’s impossible to do this without venturing far beyond the scope of Hollywood which is why I have put together a top ten of foreign language horror films.  A list that includes vampires, zombies, ghosts and the most sadistic of slashers; all of these movies should be sought out and enjoyed by anyone with a love for the genre.


1. Rec2

The Rec franchise created by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero single handedly reinvented the zombie genre whilst simultaneously demonstrating the right way to do a found footage film; giving the finger to the likes of Paranormal Activity. Rec 2 is a genuine thrill ride of a movie which barely gives you chance to catch your breath.

A tower block has been hermetically sealed; surrounded by police and the Spanish equivalent of the CDC, the building is on lock down after the outbreak of an unidentified virus that’s turning people into unstoppable rage-fueled cannibals. An emergency services team is drafted into escort a ‘scientist’ into the building to gather evidence and hopefully an antidote. But the origins of this virus are not what they seem and there is something much more sinister about to be revealed.

With frenetic camera action, some excellent shock tactics and an array of impressive special make-up effects, Rec 2 is undoubtedly the best horror to come out of Spain. Fans of the franchise can look out for a 3rd installment premiering at this years Frightfest and Rec 4 Apocalypse is in works.