10 Forgotten Movies You Must See Before You Die

3. London

London is a fantastic little movie that, although flawed, is still very much worth a watch; the work of a first time writer-director, it's riddled with experimentation, and not in a bad way. The story centers around Syd (Chris Evans), who six months after being dumped finds out his ex, London (Jessica Biel) is leaving Manhattan to move to L.A. He crashes her leaving do with his coke dealer, Bateman, played with aplomb by Jason Statham - who reminds you that he can actually act really well. They spend the entire movie locked in the bathroom snorting blow, discussing life, love and the Universe while Syd works up the courage to go and confront London. The film is cut with flashbacks as to where the relationship went wrong, which ultimately ends up being an exercise in watching two a**holes who couldn't be more wrong for each other but love each other nonetheless. It's about the confusion and selfishness of young love, and filmmaker Hunter Richards doesn't shy away from the nastier aspects of human personality, which is refreshing. If that doesn't have you sold, just know that Jason Statham relating an anecdote about his visit to a S&M dungeon is priceless.

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