10 Formally Respected Actors Who Have Probably Gone Insane

001 The mind of the movie star is probably something that us mere mortals will never understand; for every Tom Hanks, there is an Adrien Brody, that shining star who appeared to have the world at their feet and then they lost their mind, apparently throwing away all conventional wisdom and seemingly their ability to decipher good from bad. A star can be forgiven a bomb - Will Smith has Wild Wild West ,and Bruce Willis has Hudson Hawk - and while some are able to get their careers back on track, the same cannot be said for everyone else. So in no particular order, let's take a look at those actors who have seemingly gone insane.

10. Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody

A guy who became afflicted with the so called "Oscar Curse" at the age of 29, Adrien Brody became the youngest winner of the Best Actor award, and in the near decade since his career has fallen into a series of unfortunate near misses and horrible miscasting. To be clear, it is not that he has been in awful movies - whilst they might not have been to my personal taste, Splice and Predators have their fans - but what the Hell was he doing in them? As good an actor as he is, no-one is going to buy that he can stand up to something that beat the living hell out Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ten years ago he was unfortunately dubbed the new Al Pacino, but for some reason he seems to have decided to follow Pacino's later erratic career path rather than when he was in his prime. He still has time on his side, but he needs to stop trying to be the action star and get back to what made him famous in the first place.
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