10 Gaping Movie Plot Holes You Probably Never Noticed

2. False Imprisonment (Minority Report)

Precogs This one is highly debateable and also rather complicated. Minority Report is a science-fiction movie in which the crime of murder cannot be committed, because three mysterious beings with future-sight abilities known as the Precogs, can foresee when a murder is about to happen and send Tom Cruise and his gang to arrest the murderer before the murder actually happens. The future murderers are convicted and sentenced despite them not actually physically doing anything, with the entire movie riding on the assumption that there is only one possible future and that the Precog€™s visions are not just one possible scenario with many different potential outcomes. The trouble here is that this assumption is obviously totally incorrect; if there was only one unavoidable future, then the Precogs should foresee the murderers being arrested by Cruise and the gang instead of hacking someone to death limb from limb or whatever modus operandi they happen to operate by. Since there can therefore be different potential futures, the potential murderer cannot justly be imprisoned for murder because in one outcome they might not feel quite up to ending someone€™s life for the sheer thrill.

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