10 Genuine On-Screen Acting Injuries You Probably Missed

2. Sarah Connor Fights Back

Terminator 2 In the gap between the end of Terminator and the start of Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Sarah Connor has blossomed from a resilient, dogged survivor into a bona-fide bad-ass with an almighty chip on her shoulder, not least because she is being held captive in a mental institute for the crime of being right. Finally able to execute an escape, just as Robert Patrick's stalking foe infiltrates the hospital to turn her into a grease stain on the history books, Connor ingeniously escapes from her cell, before taking out the despicable orderly who licked her face when he thought she was catatonic. The retribution is swift and bloody, as Connor takes a broom handle to the orderly and knocks him out, and it's a surprisingly authentic scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE-rT9sXPgI The context of the scene explains exactly why the assault seemed so convincing. In the lead up to the infamous licking scene, actor Ken Gibbel refused to hit Linda Hamilton properly with his nightstick, meaning the scene had to be reshot numerous times, which lead to Hamilton injuring her knees from falling to the ground so much. Incensed by the demanding repetitions, Hamilton got her revenge in the scene above by not holding back when dealing Gibbel the blows. They look real, because they are real.
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