10 Giant Movie Plot Holes That Everyone Chooses To Ignore

The Empire Strikes Back - so awesome you overlook that it makes no sense.

empire strikes back

How many great film have you seen that contained within them a plot hole so significant it ruined your enjoyment of the whole damn thing? Something so gaping that the sudden realisation of all the nonsense adversely affected your entire experience? It happens, and more frequently than it probably should, considering months and sometimes years go into the writing and story-building process.

Plot holes are a sign, most of the time, of a less than expert writer, as well as a director who wasn't savvy enough to spot the logical black hole as they took the script into production. That's not always the case, however; even some of the very best films by the very best filmmakers are built on plot holes - it's just they rely on you to be so enthralled that you temporarily withhold your capacity for logic.

In some instances, it works - something crucial doesn't quite make sense, but, hey, you're having too much of a good time, and damnit if they haven't got you, hook, line and sinker. These are the films where the foundation was almost fatally flimsy, but which - through audience blindsiding, the overriding quality of the movie, or a combination of the two - still managed to get away with it.


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