Cate Blachett Indiana Jones

Sometimes we often forget that actors are only one part of a much bigger system that makes up a movie. Because they are the people we see on the screen and the people in a film we often most readily identify as ‘great’, a lot of the reason we see a movie is down to whose mug is on the screen.

It’s no surprise then that out of the public, the awards for acting are probably the ones that garner the most attention, for they are the ones that we all have an opinion on.  We all think we can spot a good performance even though we may not be all that familiar with the method school of acting.

However when a movie goes bad, the first on the chopping block are often the actors too- even though it may not be their fault.  After all, there’s a lot that can make a movie bad besides a bad performance- bad direction, bad scripts, bad special effects or just a bad idea to begin with.

But sometimes- due to the actor phoning it in or being the wrong casting choice or just making a bad fist of it, the actor themselves have to take a chunk of the blame.  So, whether it’s partly their fault or not, here’s the list.

In no particular order, and with a spoiler warning…

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This article was first posted on August 22, 2013