10 Great Movie Characters Who Never Really Existed

Our imaginary friends from cinema’s past.

Sam Thorne


tyler durden

It’s a strange thought isn’t it? Fictional, within the fictional? All characters in film ultimately don’t exist, their just ideas and concepts portrayed by actors. It’s a testament to how much we buy into movies both mentally and emotionally that we still separate the two in our heads of whether one is ‘real’ or not. However throughout the long and diverse timeline of cinema we’ve seen several imaginary, and non-existent characters that have still managed to entertain us all the same.

Sometimes they appear in the form of a bizarre fantasy. Occasionally they are passing ideas conjured by loneliness, a character summoned by a protagonist’s need for a friend. In true psychoanalytical style, there’s been a long line of schizophrenic and multiple personality characters that are segmented from the original. Most rationally we could liken this to the several layers of subconscious, the id, the ego, the super-ego and the multiple dissected parts that compose a person, or more accurately a character.

Join us as we take a glimpse at our imaginary friends from cinema’s past, a nostalgic scope to ten great movie characters who never existed.