Back to the Future

For a passionate and creative filmmaker, there’s nothing worse than the meddling Hollywood executive. Akin to the experience of having your ill-informed, slightly intoxicated and relatively estranged uncle wandering onto the production of your movie, making half-assed suggestions and trying to chat-up the dancers, the Hollywood executive is the first and only person you don’t want hanging around your set.

Because a movie executive is like having your own personal demon: somebody to stalk your every move, chipping in with “neat ideas” that no ordinary person would ever consider implementing – and usually only to garner a feeling of superiority in front of the crew. And yet most filmmakers have no choice but to relinquish control and take advice from their less-creative superiors. These are the guys who are paying for it, so why shouldn’t they?

And to be fair to a lot of big-time executives, they do know exactly what they’re talking about. Hollywood wouldn’t be the grand success that it is today without lots of top brass executives knowing exactly what they’re doing and – better yet – knowing exactly how to make big bucks. But reflect on the 10 “creative changes” we’ve assembled here, all of which were suggestions from Hollywood executives that – should they have been passed – would have ruined some of your all-time favourite movies. Blergh!

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This article was first posted on February 8, 2013