10 Greatest British Film Dynamic Duos

The 10 greatest British filmmaking tag-teams in history.

Jeffrey Stewart


Anyone working in the industry will tell you that film is a major collaborative effort, from the key grips to lighting to the directors chair and everything else in between. It takes a village to raise a child, and to put a film on the silver screen apparently. Since Britain has what may be the greatest single collaboration in film history (you’ll see it on this list, no one spoil it) let’s discuss some other great pairings in the craft. So, in that vein this list is comprised of the greatest collaborations in British film history, whether it be director and actor or cinematographer etc. It couldn’t be one single team-up either, several (more than twice) must have occurred. From past to present these pairings proved that no single filmmaker is an island.

Although the term “art through adversity” is often applied to film more times than not, these ten dynamic duos prove that even in a field as harsh and overwhelming as filmmaking kindred spirits can find each other to create world renowned works. Alright, no more stalling the 10 greatest film team-ups in Britain’s history.


10. Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas (Director/Producer, 9 collaborations)

The neo-noir power couple met while Christopher studied English Literature at University College London. He starting to make 16mm films at the college film society. Emma came on to produce his first efforts including Following in 1998. Its acclaim aided in getting the funding for Memento in 2000, with Emma also producing, helping to cement Nolan’s penchant for neo-noir story-telling. five years later he was awarded the chance to restart the defunct Batman franchise with his own vision of the Dark Knight and the rest is history. In that time Emma has produced or co-produced all of her husband’s work, from his 16mm shorts in college to the big-budgeted Batman trilogy films. After the success of the finale to the Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises the two will produce the Superman reboot Man of Steel in hopes that again the Nolan’s can reignite a dead franchise.

The two married back in 1997 and have had four children, not including the big screen children they have made also in that time.