10 Greatest Running Gags In Movies

7. TLC - The Other Guys

When mismatched detectives Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) are paired up to investigate a multi-billion dollar case of corporate fraud, their constant bickering and botched heroics elevates this comedy high above your typical buddy cop film. But it is their superior, Capt. Gene Mauch (Michael Keaton), who threatens to steal the show by inadvertently quoting TLC song titles. For example, he dismisses the pair from his office with the line: ''One more thing, do me a favour; don't go chasing waterfalls. "Was that accidental or were you trying to quote TLC on purpose?'' asks Gamble. "I don't understand the reference. I don't know what that is. Now get out'' snaps an equally confused Mauch. Later he finds similarly unconventional ways to tell them to do the force proud (''I don't want no scrubs''), to keep a low profile (''You gotta creep. Creep, creep'') and that he'll fill in their paperwork (''I ain't too proud to beg'') - all the while completely oblivious to Gamble's objections. It's a brilliantly deadpan turn from Keaton, who makes shoehorning song titles into sentences way funnier than it was Meant to Be.

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