10 Hilarious Behind The Scenes Facts About The Worst Movies Ever

Where did it all go wrong?

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Sometimes movies are so bad they leave us feeling sad and disappointed, having gotten ourselves hyped up for a bloated, unsatisfying mess. But then there are movies that transcend that, and are so awful they actually become highly entertaining, full of bad acting, bad special effects and totally baffling creative choices on every level.

With those movies, like The Room, Birdemic and Troll 2, viewers are left with so many questions by the time the credits roll, the primary one being "how did this happen?" It's one thing for a film to just be poorly written, but it's another for the director to weirdly decorate the set with framed pictures of spoons - an actual thing that can be said about The Room.

For a lot of these "so bad they're good" films, researching the behind the scenes can be just as entertaining as the viewing experience itself. Did you know the famous "Oh hi Mark" scene from The Room took Tommy Wiseau 32 takes? Or that director James Nguyen tried to get Birdemic: Shock and Terror into Sundance, and while promoting the film he misspelled the title on several occasions?

Information like this only helps add to the appreciation of these constantly perplexing cinematic train wrecks. Here are 10 hilarious behind the scenes facts about the worst movies ever made. 


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