10 Hollywood Conspiracy Theories You Won't Believe People Take Seriously

cages With people like Perez Hilton in the world, bloggers and celeb gossips seem to have taken over the Hollywood world over the last few years. But before the golden age of the World Wide Web, Celebrity rumours, conspiracies and crack pot theories seemed to be part and parcel in Hollywoodland. The advent of the Internet has either contributed to theories; allowing all manner of life to form around the root of a conspiracy - allowing it to grow and thrive into madness. Or it opts to hinder some of the fun that surrounds them - Debunking madness and crazy ideas with a few clicks of a Google search. Read on for 10 Unforgettable Hollywood Conspiracy Theories that borderline madness, some that display a 'want' rather than a 'truth' and the odd few that may, MAY just be true.

10. Munchkin Hanging In The Wizard Of Oz

munchkin hanging As Dorothy and friends (minus a cowardly lion) trot merrily down the Yellow Brick Road after meeting the Tin Man for the first time in the early doors of The Wizard of Oz, the camera moves up the studio set to reveal the long road ahead and the tops of the trees. If you look long and hard at this shot (outlined in the above photo), you can see what looks suspiciously like a small shaped man hanging from the branches, slowly turning and most definitely dead. The story goes that a dwarf actor playing a Munchkin got so love sick for a fellow actress that he couldn't accept the rejection €“ opting to kill himself in one of the most public places possible - the movie set of the film that would have made him famous. Judy Garland went on chat shows and did various TV spots after the film, adding speculation to the tale, stating that all the dwarf actors did nothing but bed hop during the shooting of the film, adding fuel to the fire and possible credibility to such an insane theory. True? This is nothing but an urban myth, debunked by everyone involved at the time (admitted, a small pool of surviving people) and a stupid rumour that has just as much credence as Ted Danson€™s ghost on the set of Three Men and a Little Lady (turned out that one was nothing but a cardboard cut-out left out on set). With the clarity of high definition, it has fast become apparent that it is nothing but a live bird in the branches or possibly some sort of dolly/crane left in the background by some lazy stage-hand and not a hanging dwarf driven by a jealous rage. Even if it was true, don€™t you think the execs would have released the DVD/BLU RAY/Video with said moment cut out or touched up? Or maybe they avoided doing so to avoid drawing any attention to the fact it actually happened.
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