10 Hollywood Legends You've Probably Never Heard Of

The goldfish of pop culture have infamously short memories.


The public eye is famously half closed most of the time, only really seeing what the media leads it to see. Since that’s the case, we tend to remember the movie stars, filmmakers and sex symbols who’ve reached some level of celebrity in Tinseltown, who’re on the front cover of magazines, their pictures flung across half the internet.

Of course, there are many, many iconic Hollywood figures, from decades past right up until the present day, who haven’t attained those dizzy heights/nauseating lows (delete as applicable). And while of course there are the bit players, the one hit wonders or the doomed child stars (amongst thousands and thousands of other moviedom tropes) who never hit it big enough to achieve mainstream recognition, this article celebrates the stars that should have… but didn’t.

These are the filmmaking virtuosos, savants, artists and massive successes who - for whatever reason - haven’t remained in the public consciousness, or never leaped into it to begin with. Genuinely gifted at their craft, they’ve nonetheless flown under the radar for so long that, despite their talents and their accomplishments, few except cineastes and film buffs know who they are today.

These are the Hollywood legends you’ve probably never heard of.

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