10 Horror Movies With Seriously Messed Up Endings

No final girl for you.


A horror movie with a f*cked up ending? Well, colour me flabbergasted!

Seriously though, we know that horror films aren’t exactly known for their sunshine and rainbow filled plotlines and happy endings – what with all the death and gore and stuff – but a lot have finales in which there’s at least some sort of vaguely positive resolution or retribution.

You know the type: the bad guy is killed, the final girl survives and there’s momentary relief for the horror movie’s protagonists usually paired with an ending that leaves the door wide open for the five or six obligatory horror sequels. Something along those lines that’s at least roughly resembles a happy ending.

But certain horror movies have no mercy, either for their characters or for us horror aficionados. Some horrors are basically just a barrage of death, gore and despair from start to finish and when horror finales go dark they go pitch black.

From classic horrors to depressingly disturbing newcomers to the genre, these horror film finales are such a gut punch that they’re bound to leave even the most seasoned of horror fans reeling.

Major spoilers are coming your way, obviously.


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