10 Horror Short Films Hollywood Should Adapt To Full Length

9. The Cop Cam

With the slew of found footage style horror films that have come out of Hollywood in recent years, it's surprising that none have tried to make one about the horrors captured on a police body-cam.

The Cop Cam, written and directed by Isaac Rodriguez, involves a police officer answering the call to a seemingly abandoned house, only for strange sights and sounds and evidence of violence and crime to keep him around long enough for its culprit, which is something infinitely more horrific than he first thought, to make him its next victim.

Whether as a cohesive narrative or an anthology of shorter stories put together in an hour and a half, the idea of a police-centred horror that explains its found footage format away in modern police surveillance and first-person views provided by body cameras, is something that can put a fresh enough spin on an overly tired medium. The vacillation between the real life horrors of violence and crime and the more paranormal horrors the short film evokes will definitely keep audiences on the edge of their seats in the theatre.

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The Cop Cam
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