10 Iconic Horror Actors In Real Life

They really did wake up like this.


Horror monsters are some of the most creative and impressive expressions of art we have, even if they are usually exceptionally gross in their creation. Whether its pale entities from the void or unimaginable horrors from another dimension, creative teams come together to create both CGI and practical beasties to truly capture our imagination as these movies play out.

But what happens when you peel away the layers of pixels, liquid latex, and corn syrup? As long as you do it gently, there's almost always a real life human hiding away in the soft caramel core of the bad guys we've come to know and love on screen.

From campy idols in their own right like Robert Englund's Freddy or Nick Castle's Michael Myers, to those that remain mysteriously absent from the spotlight so as not to break the terrifying magic of their creations, there's a hearty mix of strange folk willing to get a little weird in the makeup chair for the sake of the craft.

So here is the equivalent of seeing these movie monsters in their birthday suits via the humans that live inside them. Or something less horrific sounding than that, anyway...

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