The internet isn’t always good. Among the pictures of cats and forums full of very, very angry people forcing their opinions on other people, you’ll find millions upon millions of images that come under the wide-ranging banner of fan culture. Because rather than an information super highway to transmit and share intellectual data, as it was originally envisaged, the internet is mostly just one big perpetual fan convention.

That means that along with the legitimate images and information, we get the kind of material that really gets the fans hot and sweaty under the collar: the leaked set images, the candid behind the scenes shots of actors goofing around and fan-made tributes to their favourite characters in the form of artwork, and – often more hilariously – cosplay.

Sometimes they do it to themselves, and sometimes it’s left in the hands of the fans to completely destroy the image of our greatest heroes and villains. Here’s a mixture of both…

1. Spider-Man


Erm… yeah.

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This article was first posted on November 7, 2012