10 Incredible F-Bombs Dropped In PG-13 Movies

Sometimes, you just have to drop an F-Bomb to make a f**king point!


When it comes to the American film industry, there are a lot of rules about what can be shown and said in any given scene. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ensures that you don't take your kids to see an animated film only to hear nothing but F-Bombs and the like.

In fact, the MPAA is so strict when it comes to that one word, it can only be said a single time in a PG-13 movie. Because of this, some directors have found the perfect situations to use it in their movies.

While not every F-Bomb drop in a PG-13 movie is memorable, there are some that truly captured a scene. The audience doesn't leave those films thinking that one word was unnecessary because it absolutely was.

With millions upon millions of F-Bombs having been dropped over the years, there are only a choice few that did it perfectly. Of the many that have been used, and whether it was used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, or any of the other ways the most versatile word in the English language can be used, these 10 films dropped the F-Bomb perfectly.


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