Toy Story

When you’re a kid, you don’t really consider the fact that a bunch of human beings actually sat around a table and came up with all the stuff you see in movies. Why would you, after all? When you’re a kid, it’s all about the awe and magic of a film: thinking about director’s names and low-budget special effects isn’t exactly exciting to a child, is it? Only when you’re a bit older does such a realisation set in, and then comes that watershed moment when you suddenly understand. You get it. People wrote what the characters are supposed to say. It’s all totally fake… and that’s okay.

Case in point: The Simpsons, a show I still hold in high esteem as a result of those first perfect 9 seasons, and one which I enjoyed as a child on a completely different level to the one I do now. The Simpsons amused me as a kid, but I didn’t get all the references, the meta-jokes, the parodies and the way it made some genuinely astute and intelligent comments on the family unit. It was just a cartoon, with funny voices and character spouting catchphrases. Then I grew up, and was able to access it only a totally new level. The amount of layering is kind of genius.

Which brings us to the point: sometimes you sit down to revisit a favourite movie from your childhood, only to discover something that you failed to grasp all those years ago – in this case, some inappropriate moments that slipped past your undeveloped brain. And it makes sense now, of course, when you realise that adults are the ones who write kids’ movies. And adults are, by definition, disgusting. Here are 10 unwholesome jokes embedded in a bunch of famous kids’ movies, because – c’mon – you’d do exactly the same thing in such a position, wouldn’t you?

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This article was first posted on September 17, 2013