10 Incredibly Smug Movie References You Might Have Missed

10. Mr & Mrs Smith - The Fight Club T-Shirt

mr and mrs smith
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Some films get tripped up by their attempts to mythologise their actors - such as the awful self-indulgence of Only God Forgives (trust me, when you see it, you'll see) - and that can restrict the actor from offering a strong performance. When a director decides to adopt that agenda, he's basically signing away his ability to get anything out of his lead other than a self-congratulatory showing.

It's just not the best way to inspire commitment in a role. And that's exactly what happens in Mr & Mrs Smith, which is an enjoyable if slightly silly romp, which could have been an awful lot better if Brad Pitt wasn't on auto-pilot for most of it. And the cause? Well, it all comes down to that mythologising, as for some reason Doug Liman has supporting actor Adam Brody turn up wearing a Fight Club t-shirt, paying homage to Pitt's best role, while also reminding everyone how much worse Mr & Mrs Smith is than Fincher's classic, ironically.

It's a bit of a back-fire for what appears to be Liman's attempt to celebrate his star, especially since Pitt's performance fails to reach even half of the energy or engagement levels he had in Fight Club.

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