10 Insane Castings That Almost Ruined Comic Book Movies

10. Bill Murray As Batman

Bill Murray Why, Murray is God, there's no call for this slander, you're probably shouting at this point, while furiously writing out a comment that draws reference to the fact that Michael Keaton was ostensibly a comedy actor when he was cast as the Caped Crusader by Tim Burton. But that's like suggesting that Chevy Chase would also have been a viable option €“ just because one actor is able to wade through both serious and comic waters at the same time, doesn't mean all can. Murray is entirely different comic actor to the man eventually cast by Burton, and he would have brought too much sarcastic goofball to the Bat-table, while offering possibly the least convincing Bruce Wayne ever conceived. Yes, his Batman was to be more Adam West than Christian Bale, but it still wouldn't have worked. He might he exceptionally talented, and his later roles may have suggested an eloquence and elegance that was far less visible in his early work, but the Murray potentially cast in Batman wasn't at that stage, and the likely result would have been a comic disaster.
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