10 Insane Monsters We Hope To See In The New Kong-Zilla-Verse

These crazy Kaiju might be a long shot, but we've still got our fingers crossed.

Toho Studios

Before we begin, this article contains minor spoilers for Kong: Skull Island.

If you don’t want to see spoilers, here's some space between the above line and the spoilers below, listing out King Kong’s tuxedo measurements.

Jacket: 42,000 (Extremely) Long

Neck: 25 ½ feet, probably.

Waist: Ample? These measurements probably aren’t accurate. It was just a conceit to point out that tuxedos are sometimes referred to as “Monkey suits.” Anyway, onto the spoilers.

How about that post-credits scene?! We knew Big K and Big G were gonna face off, but the scene featured cave drawings of a whole lot of other monsters.

We got Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. Those are three names with a lot of weight in the Godzilla-verse, but they’re all pretty standard in terms of creature design, Rodan being a giant pterodactyl, Mothra being a giant moth, and King Ghidorah a three-headed dragon. There are a lot of other monsters out there, and some of them are truly bonkers. While some might put a bigger strain on an audience’s ability to suspend disbelief, all of them would be a blast to see on screen.


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