10 Insane Movie Cameos Everybody Forgets About

From Star Wars to giant comedy fists...


Cameos in film are a great way for eagle-eyed film buffs to refresh their memories when they spot someone/something. It's great to see something familiar, and have that memory flash as you try and remember where you've seen them before.

Sometimes blatantly obvious, sometimes sneakily hidden in the background (or passing by the main actors in a blur) that is now easier to spot thanks to freeze-frame quality improvements.

Whether it be as themselves or character, or even a throwback to their previous works, it's a nice little nod to the power that person can bring. Whether a time-travelling doctor, scenes-of-crime officer or giant-handed crotch puncher, it's always great to recognise who's behind the mask/makeup/main actor. It's also a small victory if you can proclaim it before your viewing partner does, too. No really, that's a look of loss on their face, not annoyance. The finger pointing at the screen definitely isn't annoying, no.

With that in mind, peel back those peepers, as we take a look at some of the more memorable cameos you might have forgotten about over the years:

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