10 Insane Movie Theories (That Are Clearly True)

6. Grease Is Sandy's Fantasy As She Drowns At The Start Of The Movie

film-grease Redditors up to their old tricks again this time, as they began to question the end of Grease, where Sandy and Danny get into a red convertible that flies into the air and away, because how the Hell is this possible? The answer; it's not, and there's two major clues - the couple first meet at a beach, and later on, Danny mentions in song that he saved Sandy's life, and she nearly drowned. Nearly? No, Danny, she did drown, and that's because everything after the beach is simply a topsy-turvy hallucination in Sandy's mind as the oxygen to her brain is cut off and she slowly drowns. The songs are largely nothing more than the surreal attempts of the brain to make sense of what's going on around her, and the sight of Danny just before the drowning allowed her mind to fill in the blanks with an elaborate fantasy that occupied no more than a few moments in her brain. The car taking off into the sky is the climax of her reaching the moment of death.

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