Actors! They’re just like us, except they get paid huge salaries to play pretend and prance about on red carpets!

Well, yes and no. They’re people that we’ve plucked from obscurity to entertain the masses, court jesters treated like royalty. Naturally, this can delude some of them into thinking that they’re invincible. Above the law! Bad boys, bad boys (and girls), whatcha gonna dooo?!

Well, as this list demonstrates, quite a bit of messed up stuff, really. And you want to know what the best part of it is? We let ‘em get away with it. Hip hip hooray for debauchery, I guess.

10. Matthew McConaughey Playing the Bongo Drums Naked

Once upon a time, aka 1992, Matty Mac got whacked out of his gourd on the wacky tobaccy and decided it would be a wonderful idea to play the bongo drums. Hey, that’s okay, free country, carpe diem etc. Except that he was disturbing the neighbours, and that’s when it all became pear shaped.

Or nut-shaped, I should say. You see, M.M. had his M&M’s hanging out at the time of his arrest. Look, I have no problem with people hanging out in their home with their homely bits hanging out, especially if they look like Matthew McConaughey, but when you add in the dope and the drums, it all gets kinda weird. I mean, who does that?

After a fifty dollar fine, McConaughey was free to go about his business, which involves running around like a sweaty stallion on the beach, bronze nipples glistening in the sun. And you know, every now and then ‘acting’, and stuff.

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This article was first posted on November 18, 2012