10 Intriguing Casting Rumours About Upcoming Comic Book Movies

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There is going to come a time, not so long from now, when there aren't any actors who haven't played some part in a comic book movie. When once it was considered sacrilege to play multiple roles in the genre, some actors - like Ryan Reynolds - have appeared in four or five, and the power and financial draw of the genre is attracting actors of incredible stature. Who would ever have guessed ten years ago that Robert Redford would play a villain, or Glenn Close an inter-galactic general? Now as the genre grows even larger and actors come to the end of their contracts, there are rumours almost weekly of another star player pulling on spandex for either Marvel or DC, and some of the rumours are incredibly alluring. Others are just plain odd, but then you probably would have said the same thing about Heath Ledger playing The Joker...

10. Chris Pine Wanted For Green Lantern

A Green Lantern reboot was inevitable as soon as the Ryan Reynolds vehicle crashed and burned into a pile of soulless, silly CGI. Whether anyone would actually be interested in it was never as clear cut, but it does appear to be gathering a little more steam recently, as Warner Bros and DC grow bolder. The latest rumours - from Latino Review - suggest that Star Trek's Chris Pine is wanted for the Hal Jordan role, somewhat nixing Common's desire to play John Stewart. He definitely seems to fit the bill. Other names being thrown about include Tyrese Gibson, who wants the role, and Bradley Cooper. But the most recent reports have Pine as the front-runner. Chances: 7/10 It's going to be hard for anyone to shake off the shadow of the last attempt to make a Green Lantern film, and while it didn't exactly kill Ryan Reynolds' career, the same won't be said if it happens again.
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