10 Long-Gestating Movie Sequels That Were Worth The Wait

These sequels took forever but delivered the goods.

20th Century Fox

Making one great film is hard enough, so attempting to follow-up greatness with something that is either on-par or even better can be incredibly difficult. And waiting several years or even decades between films can make this already Herculean task practically impossible.

But somehow, some of the brightest minds in Hollywood's history have pulled it off. They've seen long-gestating sequels through to fruition that not only builds on the work of the original film but sometimes even surpasses it. With the 14 year wait for Incredibles 2 about to (finally) be over, audiences await with bated breath to see if Brad Bird's sequel can possibly live up to the heights of the original.

Luckily for Bird, it's not unheard of for a filmmaker to return to their most famous franchise for another installment after years and deliver a sequel that's more than worthy.

Whether it be due to development problems, the filmmakers taking some time away from the franchise, or it simply taking that long to find the right story, these sequels traveled long-and-winding roads to arrive in theaters. These are the sequels that felt like they took forever but wound up being more than worth the wait.


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