10 Lost Movies And The Absurd Places They Turned Up

9. A Page Of Madness - Director's Old House

A Page Of Madness A Page of Madness, directed by Teinosuke Kinusaga in 1926, is a much sought-after entry into Japan's early cinematic canon, driven by its disturbing imagery, as you can no doubt tell from the creepy image above. Though the film was hailed in Japan as a rare domestic production that could measure up to western cinematic offerings, it faded into obscurity after failing to connect with audiences the same way it did with critics, and was essentially assumed to have become lost during World War II. Hilariously, though, that was not the case; Kinugasa ended up finding negative prints of the film in a couple of rice tins in his old home in 1971, a whopping 45 years after the film was made. Needless to say, one can imagine that many didn't know whether to hug or slap the director for his poor organisational skills.

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