10 Lost Movies And The Absurd Places They Turned Up

4. Shadows Original Version - Subway Sale

Shadows John Cassavetes' hugely influential staple of independent cinema is a rare film that was in fact shot twice, first in 1957 and then again in 1959, with the writer-director preferring the second version, and deciding to utilise that for the theatrical release. The first version was screened a small number of times, though the director failed to keep track of who had the print, and so it was assumed that it had been lost for good; just as well, then, that he had the second version print... In 2004, however, Boston University professor Ray Carney discovered the single print of the original film, which he ridiculously found in a for sale box on the New York subway, scattered rather nonchalantly among other sundries. The print was in extremely good condition, and though Carney has posted a few clips of the first version to prove its authenticity, it sadly is not yet available to the general public.

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