10 Lost Movies And The Absurd Places They Turned Up

2. The Stolen Jools - Under A Different Title

The Stolen Jools It's surprising that the 20-minute short The Stolen Jools wasn't better taken care of, given the sheer number of stars who participated in its making, including Buster Keaton, Edward G. Robinson, Laurel and Hardy, Joan Crawford and so on (it was a charity film). Incredulously, the 1931 film was assumed lost until the 1990s, when someone put two and two together and discovered that the UK title of the film, The Slippery Pearls, was very much the same film. To imagine that someone hadn't simply made the connection or bothered to work it out is insanity; could you imagine the same thing happening today? Eventually, another print with the same UK title was found in the US also.

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