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If you’re sitting there picking holes in action movies for playing fast and loose with the physics of real life, you’re sorta missing the point; after all, why else do we go to the cinema other than to see things that aren’t possible in real life?

These 10 movies intentionally decided to look at the laws of physics, run them over, drive through them, and otherwise completely disregard them for the sake of some Looney Tunes-inspired mayhem, more often than not involving vehicles of some kind, appropriated in ways that in real life would cause you a very sticky end.

Whether firmly ironic or stultifyingly self-serious, here are 10 films that laugh in the face of such simple things as physics in the world around us, and managed to come out the other side (mostly) in one piece…



10. Bus Leaps 50 Ft. Chasm In Single Bound – Speed


One of the greatest action movies ever made, Speed revolves around a bus that has been fitted with a bomb which will detonate if the bus travels under 50 miles per hour, causing cop Jack Travern (Keanu Reeves) to climb aboard and try and put a stop to it.

The most tense scene of the film occurs as Travern is told that the freeway they’re driving on is not completed, and they will need to jump a section of incomplete bridge in order to survive.

It’s a ludicrous though wonderfully executed scene – achieved with a combination of practical stunt work and CGI – that is nevertheless utterly ridiculous. Mythbusters even got their oar in a few years ago, revealing that, unsurprisingly, the bus would simply fall into the gap without a suitable ramp giving it the necessary lift.

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This article was first posted on July 4, 2013