It’s so unbelievably hard to not love the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for here on in the MCU). From a daring comic book company moving into a new media, they’ve come to dominate the blockbuster market. Critics have raved about the films and they’re now looking at producing the highest grossing film of the year for the second consecutive year. Sure, the first Iron Man does have a generic feel to it and its sequel is flat out bad, but as an overall series, it’s really hard to fault.

What’s truly amazing about the MCU is how every seems to seamlessly slot together. There are countless references that expand the comic world into this universe and so much smart referencing (sometimes to films that hadn’t even been made yet). For that, you really have to thank producer Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind every film the studio has put out. As we move well into Phase II, it’s clear Feige is happy to play the long game.

But while there may now be a well accepted continuity between the films, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, there are some glaring mistakes in the MCU that really mess up the flow of the story. In all cases it’s between films, where a different director has made a mistake in characterisation or skirted over a major development, but that doesn’t excuse what are some ridiculous blunders.

Be prepared to marvel (and oh how that pun is intended) at some serious short sightedness of Feige and the rest of the crew behind the MCU. And prepare to be shocked at which film played the most with continuity (hint – it’s everyone’s favourite).

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This article was first posted on June 11, 2013