10 Manliest Movies of 2012

2012 was a great year to be a dude at the movies. While there were a number of films we…

Drew Dietsch


The Expendables 2

2012 was a great year to be a dude at the movies. While there were a number of films we had to suffer through for the sake of our ladyfriends (I’m grinding my teeth just remembering that there was a What to Expect When You’re Expecting big screen “adaptation”), the cineplex offered plenty of self-medication for guys looking to boost their Low T. Grab a brew and plop down on your favorite recliner, because we’re counting down the top ten movies of 2012 that put some hair on your chest (and maybe some other places, too).

WARNING: Spoilers for movies will certainly follow, as will the possibility of salty dialogue, since that’s how sailors talk. And sailors are almost the epitome of manly, right below lumberjacks and underground street fighters.

10. The Bourne Legacy

It takes some seriousĀ cojones to step into another man’s well-established franchise and prove you’ve got what it takes to keep the ship afloat. Jeremy Renner did that and more with this year’sĀ The Bourne Legacy, showing America that not only can he be as badass as Matt Damon (an adjective not usually thrown Mr. Damon’s way) but he can do it with an almost terrifying ease. Aaron Cross is just as cunning as Jason Bourne, but Renner gives the man an edge that the sweet-faced Damon couldn’t hope to have even if he spent the next twenty years chain-smoking cigars and drinking a Big Gulp full of whiskey every day. I hope the franchise continues, and we get to see Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne discuss the most efficient way to kill bad guys while enjoying a nice cup of morning coffee.