Child actors have it rough; what with school and puberty, it surely must be a hard knock life. The strained life can help or hurt the craft. Sometimes child characters in movies can be awesome such as The Goonies or The Little Giants and other times we get kids who are just so annoying that we want to head to the doctor to make sure that we can never reproduce again under any circumstances.

Sometimes it isn’t necessarily the actors fault, the movie overall can just be terrible and the kid just got caught in the middle of it. Other times the movie is great and the child’s annoyance stands out like an overweight supermodel. I might just be too hard on these kids but check out some of the most annoying child movie performances of all time.

Let’s begin……

10. Charlie Sandin –The Purge (2013)


Portrayed By: Max Burkholder

This is a fairly recent performance to be included on an “all time” list but this kid really grinds my gears. I’ve already written about how disappointed I was in The Purge; the film follows a family who must survive a night where all crime is legal. Ethan Hawke stars as the father of the family; he has a wife, a daughter and Charlie, his son who constantly makes the worst decisions of all time.

Why He’s Annoying:

He spends the bulk of the movie whining about the Purge and how inhumane it is. Fair enough, the premise is pretty ridiculous but this is like a kid who constantly complains about something that is completely out of his control. When the Purge begins he allows a homeless man to come into his home which inevitably leads to his father getting killed. Was it worth it, you little jerk?!

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This article was first posted on June 28, 2013