10 Most Badass James Bond Villain Lairs

Where dastardly dreams of world domination (almost) come true...


There’s been a wide and colourful gallery of James Bond villains over the decades, filled with unique individuals that tried, and failed, to best our man 007. From hooked hands to golden guns, steel jaws to burnt-out gums, each villain steps up to the challenge filled with that hearty confidence that’s born from years of superiority, before finding that in James Bond, they've more than met their match.

Although the specifics of their rises and downfalls vary by the villain, there’s one area in which every one of them seemingly excel; the ability to design epic secret lairs that make even the most lavish dwellings on Grand Designs look like squalid shacks.

With uber-expensive construction costs, and usually housed with enough explosives to destroy small planets, Bond villain lairs are often physical extensions of their own undeniable, far-reaching power and sky-high statuses (among criminals, that is). Their bases are such meticulously designed feats of architecture, in fact, that they can seemingly never resist showing James Bond around personally, instead of killing him.

Their towering, grandiose bases not only enable them to conduct their fiendish plots in privacy, they also serve somewhat as points of pride among Bond villains. No one can truly be a member of that exclusive club unless they have a bombastic oversized lair to match their lofty ambitions.

It’s truly a shame that most of these epic lairs end up blown up.

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