10 Most Criminally Anti-Climactic Deaths In Film History

Bane Front

For as long as there have been movies, there have been death scenes. Death is a powerful force in film €“ its very presence creates further drama because it's just so permanent. As they say, death is indeed the final curtain and ideally you want your hero to avoid that or have the villain merrily dance into it.

Yet there comes a point where a character must suck it up and face the grim reaper, whether to build drama, to add to the storyline or if the actor just feels like escaping the franchise. These are all valid reasons which writers must take into account when they decide to off someone, but it appears as if sometimes they don't think about exactly how they're going to do it enough, and the viewer ends up short changed.

This happens quite a lot, where the viewer expects a filet mignon of a death but instead receives a rump roast of mediocrity. We can often be left befuddled, bemused and downright angry when a writer just yells 'screw it' and throws an inconsequential, underwhelming or just plain unseen death at us, and rightly so. We identified with these characters, compelled by them, and they were just ushered off stage left in the most inglorious way possible.

With this in mind, I've written up a list of the who I believe to be the worst offenders. Obviously, there's a SPOILER WARNING in effect.


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